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Holistic Coalition offers high quality customized service available in multiple package and single session plans to cater to a wide budget. Our business model allows access to holistic care at affordable rates providing full preventative care that works alongside conventional healthcare plans. 

  • How often should I receive manual therapy and skin services?
    Frequency of manual therapies vary from person to person dealing with different circumstances culturally, biologically, and socially. Also, diagnosis, injuries, surgeries, and rehab have significant impact on the duration and frequency. As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend at least once month as a minimum and can be as much as 4 times a week in some cases for a period. Here at Holisitc Coalition we develop a specific treatment plan designed specifically for the client.
  • Will the therapist utilize every tool in a session?
    The Holistic Coalition approach allows the therapist full support, resources, and authority to utilize all supplies, equipment, and techniques to serve the best interest of the client. Clients will upon request may be informed about any tool and or technique pre to implementation and has the final ruling over the proposed.
  • How can I choose my treatment plan?
    Holistic Coalition offers a wide variety of products and services that can be tailored to the client either by consultation, client request or a combination of both. We offer programs designed to fully integrate a full holistic program for the client as well as offer single service sessions directed by the client to allow full control.
  • Does Holistic Coalition take insurance?
    When it comes to insurance Holistic Coalition does not take insurance due to the dismissal of certain techniques and tools that are very impactful to the quality of manual therapy. As such Holistic Coalition has an in-house holistic coverage plan that allows high quality service and treatment plans for affordable payments.
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