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Body Work Services

Holistic Coalition offers a wide variety of musculoskeletal manual therapy sessions with time frames to suit all client aliment needs. From 30 min release sessions to 2 hour treatment sessions we have the time to cater to all clients. We utilize a in house multi-modality technique that offers unlimited tool usage, multiple technique incorporation and custom made oil blends to define the unique qualities of our clients. 

Skin Care Services

Holistic Coalition defines esthetics by utilizing professional grade high performing ingredients; with our in house multi-modality technique and state of the art equipment allow our skin specialist to fully rejuvenate the skin and combat societies most common skin conditions. 

Fitness Services

Holistic Coalition has its foundations grounded in the fitness domain by offering a wide variety of training styles and programs to guide clients to their fitness goals. Providing a universal training complex with expert training and education gives clients the tools they need to fully thrive! 

Body Contouring

Holistic Coalition offers a noninvasive alternative to body shape modification. Utilizing wood therapy, cupping therapy and MLD methods we manipulate the body's adipose composition to form a more esthetically pleasing shape to the clients body type. 

Hair Removal Services

Holistic Coalition is committed to safety and attention to detail making us a power house in hair removal services. Our waxing specialists are obsessed with complete clearing leaving skin flawless and hairless.

Specialty sessions

Holistic Coalition takes sessions on a whole other direction creating one of a kind sessions more than one person can enjoy, or more than one therapist can participate. Your curiosity will only be rewarded when you investigate our specialty sessions. 

Bundle Sessions

Holistic Coalition goes beyond multi-modality methods but also multi-specialty sessions fusing session benefits to boost the other. These bundle sessions allow different specialist to interact with one another in the clients best interest.  


Holistic Coalition understands many times it takes more than one session. For this reason we provide over 25 different package options that can fit any budget especially with our in house payment option plans. We offer packages in body work, skincare, fitness and contouring. Your package has finally arrived.

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